Influential Women in Online Marketing and SEO Today

Online marketing has seen tremendous growth in the recent past. It has started to become the backbone of entrepreneurs and successful businesses around the world. However, it has often been assumed men are leading the charge and dominating this market. 

 Is this true?

 The influential women listed in this read will have to disagree, considering the success they have displayed and the value they provide. The skill set of the women mentioned in this read is ahead of some of finest male online marketers, and that demonstrates the diverse nature of online marketing.

 Shana Tibi, an internet marketing agency professional, takes a closer look at five female trailblazers.


 1) Michelle Killebrew

 She is the Group Vice President at Fisher Investments in their marketing department. One of the finest young leaders in the current generation. She has won numerous awards including the “DMNews 40 Under 40 award” illustrating her influence.

She has pushed her business to new heights using innovative online marketing techniques and running impressive campaigns over the years.

She is a resounding success in the online marketing world and is often appreciated for her work. She continues to push to new heights, illustrating there is more to offer for those who wish to grab it.


2) Mari Smith

Women as Marketing Experts
Internet Marketing Female


She is an online marketing consultant and author who has a following of 1.5 million people. This says it all about how revered she is and how effective her methods are. She has been doing this for years and continues to add to her knowledge base.

What makes Mari Smith influential?

It is her domination of the Facebook market. She has maximized her methods and is often referred to as the “Queen of Facebook” and rightly so considering the millions she’s generated and continues to generate. Her training is also well-regarded.


3) Becky Brown

Intel is one of the leading companies in the world and their Vice President (Global Marketing) is none other than a woman. She has helped the company grow and earn millions with her proactive strategies in the world of online marketing.

Her emphasis has always been on engagement and her techniques have illustrated how becoming “connected” is the way to greater profit.

Intel refers to her for most of their marketing strategies and she has continually grown into her role as time has gone on. She is certainly one of the most influential women in online marketing.


4) Melanie Mitchell

She is one of the most sought after public speakers in online marketing. She has given speeches around the world in prestigious conferences. Melanie Mitchell is the managing director for Microsoft and controls many of the online marketing strategies run by the company.

She is also an author of a series on the topic for those who are interested in learning what she has to say on the matter. She has years of experience and is regarded for being cutting-edge with her methods and being the first to use new techniques.

She is indeed one of the most influential women in online marketing.


5) Jeannine Rossignol

The story of hard work is always appealing and one people can connect to.

If someone wishes to be inspired by hard work, she would be the person to look at. She has worked her way up from being a manager to the VP of marketing at Xerox. It has been a 20-year long journey for her and one she continues to tread on.

She is now sought after for public speeches on the topic of online marketing because of how well-respected she is.

These are just five women and there are many more who continue to do just as well. There are thousands of women who are succeeding in online marketing and these stories are going to grow as time goes on. With over 80% of all consumer shopping being done by women, a new perspective is important and the female viewpoint has grown in strength when it comes to marketing. This sub-section of marketing will continue to see more and more women because of the success being seen. Both men and women can learn from the strategies used by these marketers and what they have done over the years. These elite minds work at the highest levels.

How To Empower Women Entrepreneurs In Business?

Women in Business.
Women in Business.
Empowering women entrepreneurs in business is a matter of some dispute in both governments, financial and commercial circles. While there can be no doubt that women are an important market that very few businesses can hope to ignore (with a few specific exceptions tailored towards male health matters, and most of these companies have diversified into making products for women) relatively few women take part in the larger commercial landscape in most countries, and in a global sense, women are sorely underrepresented in the worlds of commerce and finance. Much like addressing practical matters such as the pay gap between males and females and excessive pricing on women’s essential products, allowing women to get into the world of business is a serious challenge many countries and companies are trying to address.
There is indeed a gap between male entrepreneurs and female entrepreneurs. There are only seven countries on the planet where women take part in the commercial landscape at rates roughly equal to men, most of which are still racked with poverty and recovering from years of government mismanagement. Some countries place severe restrictions on every woman’s efforts to run or own business through the force of law. Even in the United States, where a woman owns three out of every ten companies, these companies employ only 6 percent of the nation’s workforce and make only 4 percent of business revenues.
There are, however, measures some organizations are taking to improve women’s chances in making it in business across the world. The first is by offering start-up loans to business. Many banks across the planet run under outdated notions of women’s capacities to run businesses and are thus quite reluctant to provide the loans a woman needs to start her company. Sometimes the banking regulations have restrictions that do not target women specifically but are often used to deny legally financing to women. While modern financing methods such as microfinance and crowdsourcing do offer some hope, the fact is that right now, most businesses do need the initial funding from an actual bank. Removing the hurdles in women taking out loans is a good place to start empowering women in the world of commerce.
Educating women in the basics of economics is another serious hurdle that many economists believe will need to be overcome before women can take their rightful place in the business landscape. Few women have the chance to study the basics of entrepreneurship at any level, and in some parts of the world may not even know the arithmetic they need to balance even a simple set of books. Improving education for women will likely assist with these problems. Encouraging women to study the field of commerce will also be important as even some women feel that the world of business is closed to them.
Finally, support from other businesses in commercial ventures will also be helpful. Much like banks, many businesses owned by men are reluctant to partner with businesses belonging to women, making it that much harder for women-owned businesses to secure an advantageous position in the marketplace.

Corporate Attire For Females That Work Hard

Workplace Fashion Dresses
There are options when it comes to corporate attire for female images that you may want to look into. As a female, you know that your image matters, as it does with anyone else in the business. Here are some tips to help you dress for the part if you have a corporate type of job environment you work in.
Sometimes you’re forced to wear a certain type of outfit when you work in an office type of environment. When you want to make sure that you can make yourself stand out, you can get different options in place that still meet the needs of what the company forces you to have on. For instance, if you have to wear black slacks you may be able also to wear a black dress to work as long as the colors match what your boss says they need to be.
There is no need in this day and age to try to impress anyone in a romantic with what you are wearing. Instead, think of your clothing as a way to make a statement about who you are and what you represent. Try to go with what you know shows off your ability to be a leader, such as clothing that is sharp and neat. It is easy to find business attire as long as you try to avoid things that are too revealing and that could send out the wrong signals.
When you want to shop for clothing online, make sure that you have something in place that allows for you to get your money back if you’re not happy with the way things look or fit. You’re going to want to, at least, try some clothing on at a local store if you want to figure out what kind of size you are, or you can even get some measuring tools and have someone help you figure out your size. If you’re not able to make a return, then make sure the clothing is cheap enough to have it not be such a bad thing if you can’t wear it and have to give it away instead.
Some companies let you buy clothing through them so that you can have the right kind of uniform. For instance, if you’re in a corporate position but also have to enter a lab, you may need to be able to wear a certain kind of material that protects your skin when you have to do anything with equipment. Sometimes you’ll find that there are places that offer corporate wear and then some, which is a good idea to look into carefully before making a choice since it may be a little too expensive.
Corporate attire for female images differs depending on the situation. Sometimes you want to make sure you represent a more strong persona, and other times it may be a better idea to look like a more reserved person. Using what you wear to help you get the best results is always going to benefit you.

Different Contributions Of Women In Technology

When celebrating the heroes of technology, often men such as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs receive all of the glory. The truth is, there have been many women pioneers that have forever changed the way that consumers utilize technology and way technology works. In this article, we will be going over some of the main contributions of women in technology.
Top Contributions Of Women In Technology:
Susan Kare is considered a user interface guru. In fact, some people even describe her as the “Betsy Ross” of the personal computer. She was ultimately the lead designer that helped to bring the Apple computer to where it is today with her excellent typography and design chops. She worked directly alongside the legendary and often celebrated Steve Jobs and designed some of the many now widely recognizable elements of Apple’s user interface including the command icon. She also created the main images that are still used today on Apple’s operating systems including the smiling Mac icon that is displayed when the system boots on and also the trash can icon which lets it’s users know exactly where to put files that they do not want to use any longer.
2. Roberta Williams.
Roberta Williams is another very iconic woman that has completely changed the way that a lot of people play their games. She is best known for her adventure game that is titled, “King’s Quest.” She was also one of the leading pioneers of creating an entire collection of niche PC games. Along with the help of her husband, she went on to change the future of video gaming with her incredibly detailed story lines and her very complex puzzles. You can see a lot of the influence that she had in gaming in a lot of the modern fighting games where they have ‘quest’ modes in which a character has to battle it out through a series of different achievements and bouts to win the game.
Marissa_Mayer3. Marissa Mayer.
Marissa Mayer is another one of the once in a generation kinds of talents that have forever transformed the way users utilize search engines. She was actually Google’s very first female engineer. In fact, she was Google’s 20th employee as well since she joined when the tech giant was still a small start-up business. She brought a lot to the table at Google from being an expert in user interface design along with having an excellent vision of products. She worked heavily on maps, local, and search based products that were developed at Google and helped transform Google from a small start up to the single largest search engine in the entire world that also happens to be the most visited website as well.
As you can see, there have been plenty of revolutionary women in technology. From transforming the way users interact with their personal computers to designing modern day interfaces, and to transforming an entire industry of gaming, women continue to do great things in technology.