Businesswomen Use Acupuncture For Back Pain Relief

Traditional Chinese Medicine Helps Women who Suffer with Back Pain.

Woman with Pain in Back
Businesswoman touching her lower back
Acupuncture, with an immense following of over 3 million patients pursuing this solution in America every year, is a solution for women with back pain. Don’t worry ladies, this is not a new treatment. In China, it has been perfected through generations and has become a viable solution for those who are dealing with continuous bursts of pain.

Is Acupuncture the Best Possible Solution?

It is, according to many studies done on the topic.  Let’s face it, working women are busy! Whether you’re a working mom, or a young professional entering your chosen career path, it’s important to practice self-care and take time to address any aches and pains you may experience. Claudia Weitkemper, L.Ac., O.M.D. – Naturopath – R.N. – Ipsalu Tantra Kriya Yoga Teacher, runs her acupuncture clinic called Natural Healing Ways with the understanding that medications might not provide the same long-term relief a patient would receive from acupuncture, and that is a game changer.

Acupuncture Targets Deeper Tissue

With acupuncture for back pain relief, the goal is to not just hit the surface. This is not sufficient enough and is a short-term play. Instead, the goal should be to focus on the underlying tissue that is harder to reach using massage therapy. This is where the value shows up. Acupuncture can hit deeper tissues that are vital for pain relief. By getting to those areas in the back, the person is going to feel great, and this solution is the way to go for that benefit. Accuracy is important, and acupuncture does this better than most. You can hit the core spots with ease using needles. This is why an acupuncturist is trained. The goal is to remain accurate with the needles and get them hitting the right areas in the back. Once this is done, the relief will start to become a reality.

Acupuncture is Done by a Specialist

An acupuncturist receives training for this treatment. They are not winging it. This can make a significant difference when hoping to find relief. Back pain should not be a “guess and check” situation where you are hoping it works. It should be a guarantee and that is the power of acupuncture when done by a specialist. With acupuncture for back pain relief, these are the benefits that stand out by going to a good clinic. There are millions of sufferers, but this number can be reduced significantly in the long-term as long as this solution is used. It is a medically viable solution that is heralded by numerous specialists around the world.